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Top Shopping Finds For Dubai’s Gloomy Weather

The recent Dubai flood might have been a downpour, but April showers bring May flowers. And Dubai summers are right around the corner to turn up the heat.  Don't let scorching heat and humidity melt your style; your wardrobe needs a refresh. We've got the spring/summer staples that will keep you cool, comfy, and expensive.

Floral Print Kimonos

Kimono makes you go with the flow throughout the day.  Think flowy florals, bold colours, or classic neutrals. And the best way to put it on?  Dress it up with a maxi cotton dress for a touch of effortless classiness. The kimono's loose silhouette allows for better air circulation, keeping you cool as a cucumber.

Linen Cardigan

This natural fibre is too summer-friendly to ignore– lightweight, breathable, plus unbelievably comfortable.  Opt for a linen cardigan for a cover-up over a sundress, or rock a breezy linen co-ord set for that ultimate fresh look.

Co-Ords: A Must-Have

Dubai's summer is also about vibrant energy, so why not reflect that in your outfit?  A printed co-ord set is the perfect way to make a statement.  When we mention this, we think about bold florals, playful stripes, or eye-catching geometric patterns.  

Summer Classic Cape

This is a statement piece that is equal part stylish and practical.  A lightweight cotton cape adds a tinge of drama to any outfit, while also providing much-needed sun protection for your shoulders and arms.  Choose a classic sky blue, white, or red to pull off the look.

Maxi Striped Cotton Shirt Dress

Maxi dresses are a summer essential, and Dubai is no exception.  A striped cotton shirt dress is a cool and casual option for day outs.  

Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits, in general, are a one-and-done outfit wonder, perfect for those days when the heat makes even thinking about getting dressed a to-do task.  A mandarin collar jumpsuit is an add on to look sophisticated, while still keeping things cool and comfortable. 

Pro tip: Go for a neutral colour for a timeless ‘minimalist’ look.

Loose Turtleneck Top

Nowadays people are looking forward to wearing loose type outfits. In that case, our brand new loose turtleneck top is in the first place. With its full sleeves, side zipper neckline and soft texture, this top pans out the best when you are on your busiest adventures. 

Oversized Ombre Satin Silk Top

Breathtaking, right? The oversized silhouette drapes effortlessly, skimming your form with a touch of calm elegance. The fabric is a dream - satin, smooth and cool against your skin, with a subtle sheen with a luxury mark. But the true magic lies in the ombre effect. The colour doesn't stay static, it transitions from one shade to another, like a watercolour painting comes to life. This top is more than just clothing, it's an experience. It's a piece that can be dressed up or down, worn with sleek trousers for a night out or with boyfriend jeans for a touch of casual luxury. All in all, the beauty of this top is that it allows you to tell your own story. 

Asymmetric Linen Top

The flowy fabric is like a cool summer breeze, keeping you comfortable all day long. Plus, the unique cut flatters every figure, so you can feel confident wherever you go. This top is your go-to partner for lazy mornings at home or fun afternoons at the park. It's all about comfort that never compromises on style!

So, What are You Waiting For? 

You're all set to beat Dubai's summer heat in style and comfort. You're all set to beat Dubai's summer heat in style and comfort. Explore bustling souks, stroll along the beach with the sand cool between your toes, or sip refreshing mocktails with friends at a rooftop bar – all while looking put-together. Now, go forth and have a good time without breaking a sweat…or compromising your fashion sense either! 

Keep an eye out for spring/summer collections at POSH

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