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Forget the Common Shirt Styles

Formal shirts, basics, polos– yawn…They are so last year. While these classic old school shirt styles for women do have their place, fashion is also about pushing boundaries. Let's go beyond the mainstream. And get into the world of uncommon shirt styles! Buckle up, because we're about to break the sartorial mould.

1. The ‘Grandad’ Shirt

Envision an easy-going with a collar – your cardigan shirt. With a boxy fit and camp collar emerging open adding to the zest, this choice is all a carefree way. Cut in lightweight shirts like chambray or linen, grandad shirts are suitable for summer breezin’. Whether you want to channel the past by wearing a patterned Grandad shirt, or opt for a more modern approach with the freshly-cut white one, decide for yourself!

2. Lantern Sleeves Shirt

The lantern sleeve shirt surely has its moment and among the unusual but quite effective tops, the lantern sleeve shirt is a champion. As if a stylish button-down shirt, but instead, the sleeves are so puffed out from the shoulders and they cinch back to the wrists. Such a design further enhances the piece and makes us feel more miraculous, fresh, and unique. In turn, we will add a romantic flair to your outfit. A shirt collar, buttons going front and sides, and long sleeves with lantern shapes. For example, it can be worn on special occasions but is also acceptable for more casual situations.

3. Kimono-Styled Shirts

The Kimono, a legacy from Japan, has now made its mark as a fashion staple widely in Dubai that is widely celebrated. What you might want is a lightweight and kimono-like shape of a shirt made of silk and cotton, with wide sleeves and a T-shaped end. Become a bohemian by putting a Kimono on top of a tank top and jeans combination. The most significant point is that you must be careful with the reverence that this outfit commands.

4. The Guayabera

Are you seeking a taste of the tropics? Guayabera is rarely an option. This shirt is a Cuban-style classic that boasts of having a lightweight construction as well as vertical pleats on its front, and awesome functional pockets. To begin with, Guayaberas are traditionally designed from either linen or cotton but are also found in different colour/pattern combinations. The Guayabera looks beautiful in solid pastel colours and combines well with white chinos for a carefree look in the summer. Or choose the printed version if you want more daringly for an evening out.

5. Long Shirts

The medium-length shirt is a superb incorporation into your wardrobe for a pop of modernity. Picture it as an ultimate maternity version that covers your head-to-knee almost. In other words - a seamless cross between a dress and a shirt. It is fun because of the tunic length and crossover design, and thus you can get this elegant and convenient clothing item, which is suitable for any situation. It's a hot trendy statement piece you won't love to miss!

6. The Overshirt

Consider the onesies or what we call ‘oversized shirts’ as clothing composed of both a shirt and a jacket at the same time. This outerwear is made from more durable fabrics such as denim or corduroy making it a layering option that's bulkier than an ordinary shirt. Explore various interesting points like a colour-blocking button, a difference in texture, or an interesting shape. Overshirts could bring another layer to the top of your t-shirts and polos, and make your outfit more deeper and appealing.

PRO tip: Dare to experiment with layering and for sure you will look unique among your friends. 

7. Geometric shirts

The geometric shirt is for the woman who isn't afraid to make a statement. Its diagonal lines can be colour-blocked for a striking contrast, or subtly woven into the fabric for a more understated look. Play with the colors in your geometric print by pairing the shirt with solid-coloured trousers or a skirt that complements one of the dominant colors in the design. This creates a neat look.

Now that you've explored these uncommon styles.

Let's talk about taking your shirt game to the next level.

  • Play with prints and patterns: Stripes? Polka dots? Floral? And whatnot? Feel free to express yourself through bold patterns and prints. It’s high time.

  • No more neutrals: Step outside your comfort zone with a vibrant shirt.

  • Accessorise, Accessorize, Accessorize: Add statement necklaces, scarves, or cufflinks to elevate your shirt.

  • Tailoring is your friend in need: A well-tailored shirt can transform your look. Consider getting your favourite uncommon shirt slightly tailored for a perfect fit.

At the end of the day, it is all about having fun, right? Let your personality shine through with these one-of-kind shirts to turn heads right away.

The world is your runway – strut your stuff!

We just don't say, but our collections speak too. At POSH, we believe in combining textures, cultures and styles in one place. Shop our classic shirts now.

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