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Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid OOPS Moment

Fashion is a very interesting form of expression, like creating a living art piece with yourself. While the rules can be tricky to go through, there's a solution! "Fashion faux pas"--- a French term for a fashion mistake that goes against accepted standards. So, how can you avoid them? The key is to ensure your clothes are always fresh, clean, and well-fitting. This blog will cover the rest of common wardrobe mistakes and provide tips to help you rule any occasion with confidence.

Faux Pas 1: Clash of the Titans (Prints and Patterns)

Scenario: You adore the floral maxi print and the outspoken beige geometric scarf. However, combining the ones forms an explosion. Solution: Mix, but with caution (because that can cause wardrobe malfunction). Combining prints can be fashionable to some extent, but the option to indulge in it is only if there is a perfect balance. Limit yourself to the choice of a couple of colours or a range of tones. Make a strong design statement pairing a loose-fit jumpsuit with a jacket or blazers of either a solid or a few different colours and a belt or simply add a small accent to a safer look with a blend of a unique pattern.

Pro Tip: When you are not sure, better if you are on the safe side. Go for a stable one with an all-by-itself colour if you have a statement pattern on your attire.

Faux Pas 2: Wearing Wrinkled-up Clothes

Scenario: Oh. My. God. That's the day when you throw your favourite dress on, and discover that only a paper bag would compare. It is the word of fate that wrinkles creep in. However, they always ensure that neglect is bad.

Solution: Befriend the iron. In 30 seconds or less wrinkled garments can be just ironed and BAM! Your neat look is ready. If time is an issue, a steamer can work wonders.

Pro Tip: Consider wrinkle-resistant fabrics for travel or office days.

Faux Pas 3: The Case of the Ill-Fitting Outfits

Scenario: A rock in the pocket of your trousers widens the middle of your waist and your dress just drowns your little frame. Outfits with too much or too little fabric look bad and feel even worse.

Solution: Take the advantage of personalizing. A good tailor can create magic and steal the show with unparalleled refashioning of a poorly fitting article into a look. 

Pro Tip: In shopping, you should pay particular attention to the clothes you wear that project over your shoulder line and accentuate your body features.

Faux Pas 4: When Casual Fridays Go Too Far

Scenario: Not putting on an effort is okay, but refrain from showing up at work wearing torn sweatpants and a stained shirt. Even though comfort prevails, just in the middle between easy-going and careless lies the right place to draw the line.

Solution: Dress for the role, Not the day. Casual Friday allows for a relaxed look but maintains a sense of professionalism. Opt for a nice pair of jeans with a blouse or a polo shirt. Keep it clean and ironed.

Pro Tip: If you're unsure about the dress code, err on the side of caution and dress a little more formally.

Faux Pas 5: The Mismatched Accessory Meltdown

Scenario: You have a lot of sides to your wardrobe and enjoy adding a splash of every colour to your ensemble. The result? A cluttered, ‘overwhelming’ look.

Solution: Accessorize with intention. They should work as an addition to your ensemble, rather than being in rivalry with anything. Use it as a foundation, a fancy necklace or a vivid bracelet and add to it gradually. As for the rest, keep it simple and make sure that your outfit is a manageable mix of many pieces of clothing.

Pro Tip: The less you put a makeover, the richer you look. Walk in with your best accessories, only a few, but well-balanced. This will make you simple and classy.

Planning to Go to a Big Event?  

Consider the occasion when choosing your outfit. 

Don't feel pressured to follow every fleeting trend. Fashion is a reflection of your inner self. Experiment with different styles to discover what truly speaks to you. By following these tips and embracing your individuality, you'll develop your unique style and navigate the world with confidence.

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