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What to Wear on Dubai Desert Safari?

Updated: Jan 17

A hassle-free Dubai trip under ‘always-moody’ weather needs to avoid wardrobe confusion. Now is the time to think about your outfits and pack smartly before it gets too late. Curious to know about what clothes to wear in Dubai's hot desert weather? No worries! This blog will help you nail the best desert safari look. Make sure that you are comfortable and Instagram-ready before you pack for your trip.

Here is a compiled selection of what women can wear on a desert safari.

1.Opt for Lightweight Breathable Fabrics

Dubai blooms with big temperature swings. It can go from a mild 14 degrees to very hot at 44 degrees. Even in cold months, the sun stays a regular buddy. To juggle effortlessly between these temperature changes easily, wear light clothes like cotton and linen when you pack for a desert trip. These easy-to-breathe clothes will keep you cool during the day while giving you a nice shield from the hot sun in deserts.

2.Hoodie/Poncho/Kimonos/Cardigans for Your Special Eve 

As day turns into night in the desert, it gets very cold quickly. Don't be surprised - put on a jacket to stay warm on cold nights. Dubai may be hot during the day, but the desert can feel very different once it gets dark. Making sure you're warm during these cold hours makes your desert adventure even better. Make your night desert clothes more versatile with layers like kimonos and cardigans. These comfortable clothes not only keep you warm but also make your clothes look more stylish. On the other hand, a cool kimono with pretty designs or a nice cardigan can make you look better while keeping up with the changing weather easily.

3.Long - Sleeve Shirts and Trousers are Must-Haves

Keeping yourself protected from the harsh desert sun is a priority. Choose tops with long sleeves made from light materials, they can protect you effectively against the scorching heat of UV rays. This is very important for women because of the usual style rules in UAE. Even though shorts may look good, in the desert practicality is more important. Wearing comfy pants is both fashionable and keeps you safe while doing fun sand activities like boarding or rough driving on dunes.

4.Soft Metallic Tone is So Dubai

While the whole women clothing world is back to the metallic disco era, Dubai is already in forever. The signature charm of simple metal colours is an add-on expression to your bold style of Dubai Desert Safari. Pick soft gold, baby pink, smooth silver or gentle bronze tones to create a sophisticated but fancy look. These basic metal colours seem special and can easily pull off your 24/7 look. Match them with bags, shoes or jewellery to make you look subtly extra without being too flashy. Using soft metal colours can add a fancy look to your style in a simple and peaceful way. This means you can look great in any place with just the right amount of brightness.

This guide comprises a list of clothes that go in sync with the Desert Safari weather. It includes light and easy clothes like snug hoodies or long-sleeved shirts combined with fashionable accessories. Don't forget to wear comfy shoes that help you walk better. Get ready to have fun exploring the desert for sure, that's as cool as where you will go. Enjoy your trip in the desert of Dubai. If you are looking for Desert Safari appropriate outfits we have a perfect recommendation for you. Posh offers a wide variety of clothes for every taste.

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