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What's Cooking at Dubai Fashion Week '24-25?

Image Credit: Dubai Fashion Week

“The world is beginning to see the incredible talent, creativity, diversity and opportunity Dubai offers the global fashion industry. In October, we set the bar for excellence high, and we are determined to follow up each edition with more outstanding, innovative and inspiring collections than the one before,” Khadija Al Bastaki, Senior Vice President of Dubai Design District (d3), said. 

The recent edition of Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) has brought a lot of glitter and razzle-dazzle across the city. Now will be the time of Autumn/Winter 2024-’25 fashion week, stretching from Sunday, February 4 to Thursday, February 8. The region’s most significant fashion occasion will soon storm the third edition of Dubai Fashion Week. Apart from showcasing works of Dubai-based designers such as Dima Ayad, Bouguessa, Amato and Mrs Keepa by The Giving Movement, among others, it also featured international names that included Iris van Herpen Jean Paul Gaultier, Antonio Marras Blumarine and Moschino. This tactical act bolsters Dubai's position in the fashion world and captivates a diverse array of global buyers, industry experts, and fashion enthusiasts. Let us explore everything about Dubai Fashion Week in this blog.

Dubai Fashion Week's History and Vision

Dubai Fashion Week was established by the Arab Fashion Council (AFC) and Dubai Design District. The ultimate objective of the Arab Fashion Council is to build an architecture for fashion in MENA that will represent it as a top-tier industry. Originally known as Arab Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week was initially launched in 2015 to promote creativity and innovation in fashion from the region. Arab Fashion Week has had other milestones in the past years, including men’s fashion week, curvy model runways, and attracting international stars of a different kind. As the region's fashion hub, Dubai is keen to cement itself as a global creative and the fifth fashion capital destination in line with Paris, Milan, London, and New York.

DFW's Growing Influence

Dubai Design District (d3) and the Arab Fashion Council founded DFW, which has gained tremendous popularity as a regional leader. Spectacular performances by industry giants like Carolina Herrera and Rizman Ruzaini marked the October edition in which Naomi Campbell also walked into the spotlight. The success of these events has made Dubai one of the world’s centres for fashion and creativity.

Image Credit: UAE Blog

What Can One Expect from Dubai Fashion Week ‘24-25?

The upcoming event offers an interesting city-wide itinerary packed with high-profile fashion shows, exclusive parties, collections, and pop-up shops. One focus reflects DFW’s commitment to its responsibility to shape the future of fashion on sustainability. In its former incarnation as the Arab Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion 2024 will showcase the Spring Summer vintage. It will become an epicentre of haute couture and ready-to-wear in women’s wear while men can explore some freshest style walkways. Before the grand opening, there will be endless activities all over Dubai, with many runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, pop-up events, street-style fashion, parties, workshops, and other stylish things. ‘The Council asserts, “Our primary focus is to establish a unified fashion system within the region, with a strong emphasis on education and cultural development.' This strategic initiative promotes cultural diversity and contributes to the creative industry's growth, aligning seamlessly with the activities undertaken by the UNESCO office in Doha.” This edition will not fail to amaze the audience with plenty of modest fashion among the offered collections due to this demand in the Middle East for conservative but stylish clothes.

  • Sustainability at the Core: Besides the pomp and circumstance, Dubai Fashion ’24 is vested in creating and moulding future trends while maintaining sustainability determinants. Dubai Fashion 2024 is not just about setting trends; it will emphasise the commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion. The event is aimed to strengthen the commitment towards a more conscious future by setting new standards and inspiring positive change in the fashion industry.

  •  Re-Edition of Haute Couture: Dubai is geared to prove itself once again a hub of haute couture and ready-to-wear women’s fashions. All will be able to see the most recent styles and walkways. At the forefront of the Council's endeavours is the groundbreaking concept of 'Ready-Couture,' which has redefined the luxury market. Remarkably, this innovative term alone commands over 70% of the luxury market share, underscoring the influential role played by the Arab Fashion Council (AFC) in shaping the landscape of the fashion industry.

  • Pre-Event Extravaganza: After the official opening, many activities will occur in Dubai, including runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, pop-up events, street-style fashion parties and workshops. The city serves as an active stage, reflecting various aspects of global showbiz at pre-show moments.

  • Inclusive Modest Fashion: Highlight of D3 Week: As for this edition of Dubai Fashion 2024, it addresses the need to dress conservatively but stylishly in the Middle East. Amid all these collections, visitors will be treated to a notable population of modesty wear, in deference to dressing continentally and not too saccharine. 

Beyond the international promotion of Arab fashion designers, the AFC also disseminates fashion culture within the region. Leveraging local strengths, the Council aims to position the Arab world on the global fashion map firmly. This inclusive approach integrates Arab companies and talent, encompassing fashion designers, models, photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, and art directors.

Strategic Scheduling for Global Impact

Whether technology-wise or fashion sense, Dubai is one of the quintessential countries that harness both advancements. DFW is aiming to be ahead of the worldwide fashion timeline. It is moving its Autumn/Winter dates forward, offering designers an exclusive chance to draw potential buyers and investors very early through this fiscal year. It redefines fashion timeliness and establishes Dubai as an active participant who can be recognised in the history books. 

Previous Successes

The previous editions of DFW depicted the current and future state of the industry as it brought together international and regional buyers, media, and designers for a week full of fashion glory. Significant events include Carolina Herrera presenting an exclusive show and Naomi Campbell walking for Rizman Ruzaini on the runway.

Leading the way globally, Dubai will lay its mark as DFW Autumn/Winter 24-25 kicks off to become an inspiring and innovative marathon celebrating style. With its emphasis on inclusivity, innovation and environmental responsibility, Dubai emerges as an unsurpassable force in the constantly changing fashion industry. 

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