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No More Trouser Days; It’s Jumpsuit Season!

Name one piece that does wonders.

Jumpsuit it is! 

On one hand, Dubai is known for its sophistication. 

But do you know? 

Dubai is no way far from being super cool and bold in terms of making stylish statements. This summertime you deserve something classy and out of the box. That's why jumpsuits can be the go-to choice for you. But with so many cuts, colours, and textures to choose from, how do you make sure your jumpsuit is a complete fashion win-win statement? With this blog, get ready to take your jumpsuit game to the next level through our ultimate guide to styling these one-piece wonders.

Why Opt for Jumpsuits?

Consider this a fashion-related announcement: Nothing is as adaptable and comfortable as a jumpsuit. You should undoubtedly keep one in your closet. Or, to be honest, you should already have at least two. When it comes to getting dressed quickly for events ranging from a day of running errands to a lavish dinner party, no wardrobe staple is more trustworthy than a women's jumpsuit. Because a jumpsuit has you covered—literally—on the clothing end, you can spend more time adding smart accessories to your appearance rather than fussing over creating an outfit from scratch.

Some Best Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

However, depending on the appearance you want to achieve, jumpsuit outfits might be difficult to put together. Should you add layers? What accessories do you require? That's why we are here to help. Given below are the typical yet never-go-out-of-style ways to style a jumpsuit.

  • Learn the Basics First. Purchasing a jumpsuit that fits your body and gives an amazing look is essential. Avoid wearing jumpsuits that are too tight or too loose. If you wear a too-tight jumpsuit, you may give off a superhero impression and feel uncomfortable. Wearing a jumpsuit that is too loose may cause you to lose your figure and dominate the way you look. So shop wisely!

  • Have Fun with Layering. While thinking about how to style a jumpsuit for the day, you can go and pick different layering options according to your day and the events you need to attend. If you want to style it for office wear, you can layer it with blazers to pull off a more sophisticated look; if you want to go for a casual outing, go and opt for jackets while layering your fit; and if you have lavish dinner plans, go layer your jumpsuit with dresses or even a collared shirt to give a statement look.

  • Play with Belts. To underline the importance of maintaining your style. Many jumpsuits come with a cotton belt that matches the jumpsuit's colour, or you may easily add your belt to define your waist. While styling loose-fit jumpsuits and to make your jumpsuit stand out of the box you can choose metal belts, broad leather belts, or other statement belts to elevate your look.

  • Jewellery Pieces– Last-Minute Statement Makers. You can finish off your attire with a silver or gold-evident necklace and simple earrings. Alternatively, you can pair a simple necklace with eye-catching pendant earrings. Add a feel to your outfit with a silver or gold bracelet and rings. Pair these with a little pocketbook or clutch with a matching metallic design.

  • Style According To Your Needs. If you are someone who has a good height and considers yourself already tall, you should always choose a wide-leg jumpsuit with flats to complement your height perfectly, and if you are someone who is the shorter one in every group, opt for cropped ankle-length with heels to make you look taller and gain the confidence you need.

What are the Necessary Jumpsuit-Shopping Tips?

  • Get the Right Length You don’t want to be tripping over yourself or ruining the jumpsuit. Buy a piece with the length that is appropriate for you, with or without heels. If you’re going to wear a jumpsuit mainly with heels, make sure to wear heels when going shopping so you know the length is perfect or that you’ll get it hemmed. This ensures no fuss once you go back home and try to wear your new item of clothing.

  • If This Is Your First Jumpsuit, Purchase One In a Solid Color If you are someone who is buying a jumpsuit for the first time, you should look for super subtle colours like black because you’ll be able to wear it over and over and all year around. If you want to wear a pattern, go for something elegant and simple so that you can easily style it in the future. For creating an office fit you can look for a Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit.

  • Go For Comfortable, Breathable Fabrics The perfect jumpsuit for you can keep you comfortable all day long. It should showcase your individuality and provide you with the confidence to elegantly showcase your unique sense of style to others. Breathable fabrics like cotton and linen should be your first choice!

But Hold On!

About the most important tip…

Whether you're opting for a vibrant or formal look, always remember to dress for the way you feel about yourself. A jumpsuit may be a powerful fashion statement if it is worn in the right way and experimented with well. 

When you choose POSH, you invest in our trendy yet cozy outfits. Join us on the journey of fashion, where our collection has something for every woman like you.

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