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How to Style Cross-Over Pants: Tips and Tricks

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The straight-leg, old-school pants are common silhouettes in most wardrobes. However, if you wish for your wardrobe to be completely refreshed and up-to-date, Cross-Over Pants for winter/fall are exactly what your wardrobe needs. These asymmetrical pants highlight a sense of modernity.

It is a contemporary kind of play that holds the "eternalness of pants", whether this cool pant collection is paired with linen top, oversized tops, satin blouses, or other feminine shirts. With different styles, the cross-over pants are very versatile. Such adaptability enables their appropriate use both in casual and in official settings.

Women cross over pants

What makes cross-over pants a vogue selection is the fact that they add novelty to your closet by balancing trendiness with timeless fashion. Before taking a peek at different ways to style Cross-Over Pants, first, let's know what these timeless pants are all about.

What are Cross-Over Pants?

Cross-over pants are distinguished by an asymmetric design that results in a cross effect at the front. This distinct shape brings some modernity to your closet, transforming the item into a fashionable outfit. These trousers have a crossover waistline which is slightly low in front (hips) and high at the back, mostly high-waisted. Often, they feature an elastic waistband which enhances comfort and effortless wearing. However, cross-over pants are ideal for casual wear and good enough for a night in the town.

How to Style Cross-Over Pants: Our Ultimate Guide

The cross-over pants possess a free-flow style that goes in sync with modern fashion needs such as a friendly pocket on the side. Not only does the wide angle at its ending add extra volume to the look, but it also flatters the 'no-effort' theory in a versatile manner. Without further ado, we are sharing a few tips and tricks to style Cross-Over Pants.

1. With Casual Blazer

Buckle up to see a different version of you with casual blazers crossing paths with cross-over pants. With high lapel collars in the blazer and a high waist pant on the other hand, the look completes the tradition of a boss out on her business venture. Plus, its ultimate comfort while donning it nurtures the classic pulling the look of warmth and casualness off.

2. With Oversized Top

How about pairing uniquely blended oversized loose top with cross-over pants? The beautifully made cuts around the edge of the top, the cross-over pants being draped around with a mini kilt hemmed at the front will never fail to impress. This style promotes the breaking culture of asymmetric, making you stand out from the monotonous crowd.

3. With Satin Blouses

Satin blouses elevate your style to greater heights of sophistication, you should also know that it has the potential to obtain a look for any upcoming meeting of yours. This street-smart trend of keeping comfortably tight outfits like satin blouses nails the blending with baggy yet classy pants like cross-over pants, undoubtedly.

4. With H-line High Collar Tops

Another tip that will never run out of style must be to try out a high-collar top with cross-over pants. The specialty is beyond imagination. The thought process behind this combination is to accentuate your everyday contemporary look with ease and confidence.

5. With High Low Oversized Shirts

It's time for some mix-and-match. Try Cross-over pants with an outfit that features the intricate details of clothing – a collared shirt with flap detail, dip hem, and long cuffed sleeves. This look eventually showcases the importance of maintaining a balanced ensemble of modesty and grace.

The cross-over pants are designed to enable you to dress up elegantly with 'minimalism' as the torchlight for this trendsetting fashion source. Whether pairing it with a casual blazer for a business vibe or a satin blouse for sophistication, these pants are born to be a basic fit for all. If you’re looking for an amazing collection of trendy trousers and blouses that can be paired up elegantly, you should check out Posh. Looking for Cross-over pants? Posh has it all.

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