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How to Style Comfy Joggers as Your Everyday Look?

Updated: Jan 2

Gone are the days when street-style jeans used to be the mains in the comfort kingdom, but for everyday looks unconventional and practical fashion sense stands out the most. Joggers and pants are one such instance that elevates your vibe with a cool and classy touch. Whether it's your OOTD or office wear, just chill and go with your flow. These fashion-forward pieces redefine the boundaries between comfort and style, ensuring that you not only look good but also feel fantastic in every stride. This is the magic of such pants – an instant mood-lifter that adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle. What’s more on the checklist? POSH will guide you through this special edition on how to style joggers as your everyday look.

But first, let us make you explore our set of jogger collections.

joggers for women

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1. Straight-Cut Joggers

Find ultimate style and comfort in our High-Waist Straight-Cut jogger pants. Meticulously cut straight trousers are redefining casual chic with a new kind of casual sophistication that is both comfortable and well-fitted. For your convenience, the elasticized waistband has an adjustable drawstring to make it easy to adjust depending on how tight or loose of a fit you prefer. This attention-to-detail results in fashion and not only style but a bespoke fit personalised to your individual silhouette. These joggers have cuffed elasticated hems which make them sophisticated and casual. Update your wardrobe with the ideal combination of style and effortlessness Straight-Cut Joggers give in your everyday wear.

2. Mid-waist Flowing Silk Trousers

Emphasise chicness in your fashion walk with our Mid-Wrist Flowing Silk Trousers. Be swept away by the feeling of luxury in these trousers, carefully tailored for elegance and comfortability. With this in mind, we designed the mid-waist and created an elastic waistband that will compliment your shape. Go for a side pocket and be like the current woman who is never late but always in control. A touch of class is added through the straight leg flowy design that leaves a classy, stylish look which works perfectly for both office wear and casual. Made of high quality silk, these trousers upgrade your closet with one everlasting piece that screams nothing but class. They are your best companion in everything – whether you need them for a daily run through the office or an evening of partying.

joggers for women

3. Slim-Fit Joggers

Unique feel: Stand out cool everyday. In addition, this style has an ultra-high waist fit that accentuates with a slim fit to give a sleek look. It also comes with the elasticated belt that has an adjustable drawstring, which allows for some degree of personalization in the fit. The taper cut lines for the hems are part of what brings out the general chic look, and they can be worn in all situations. The POSH decoration label makes a refined and quiet statement on its own. These jogger trousers were designed every day’s function but not out of fashion, and will mark a unique detail in your closet.

How to Style Comfy Joggers as Your Everyday Look?

Styling comfy joggers as part of your everyday look can effortlessly blend comfort and fashion. The versatility of joggers allows for a range of outfit combinations, making them a go-to choice for everyday occasions. Here's how you can style them with different tops to create chic and comfortable ensembles:

  1. With Checked Shirts: The easypeasy going joggers will go well with a smart checked shirt for a cool, but classy appearance. Choose a fitted shirt that harmonises with your jogger’s color. To create a more neat look, tuck in the shirt and add either sneakers or ankle boots as the final touch.

  2. With High Collar Top: Spice up your look with your joggers and a high-collar top. This makes the overall appearance more mature and classy. Go for one colored or lightly designed top to complement the casual look of the slacks. Complete this dress with simple and elegant accessories such as a sleek watch or minimalist jewelry.

  3. With Shirt Blouse: You can wear some high heels along with a shirt blouse on your joggers in order to bring some comfort and femininity at once for you. The belt is the best way to highlight the curve of your belly. It’s great in casual office style, as well as on a brunch date. Finish it up with loafers or pointed-toe flat shoes.

  4. With Oversized Top: Go for the current oversized fashion by wearing a loose top over your joggers. This combination can be anything like a large size shirt, hoodie, and more, as it gives an informal attitude. Roll up the sleeve or do and a front tuck to give it the sense of structure and complete it with the chunky sneaker shoe or slip on shoe.

  5. With Linen Cardigan: To get a comfortable outfit, mix your joggers with a light linen cardigan. This is an ideal mix for a changing season. Go for the neutral shades so that you can rock the outlook and make sure the statement bag or the sun shades are included in the list. Complete this look with comfortable slippers or flip-flops.

NOTE: Pay attention to colour coordination and proportions to achieve a well-balanced look. Whether you're running errands, going for casual office wear, or simply enjoying a day out, these outfit ideas ensure you stay both comfortable and stylish with your favourite pair of joggers.

In a world often caught up in the frenzy of making a big deal out of everything, joggers bring a breath of fresh air. At POSH, we present a collection of irresistibly soft trousers-like joggers that embody style, simplicity, sophistication, and comfort, all rolled into one.
Upgrade your wardrobe with POSH, where style meets comfort in every stitch.

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