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7 Tips to Style Formal Jumpsuit for Office

Updated: Mar 19

You know what’s the quintessential thing about going formal all day? There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to style formals; formals portray a straight line, mainly those formal jumpsuits for your Office Wear of the Day (OOTD). In a flick of seconds, jumpsuits can be easily put on and are ideal for women’s multifaceted lifestyles. You can shine flawlessly in your important business meetings. In Dubai, we value ethics over everything, and formal dressing is a one-in-all corporate goal. Jumpsuits can never go out of style in sync with miniature details– ethics, modesty, clean, and versatile look. Steal these 7 tips to style formal jumpsuits for the office and get ready to make yourself feel better than ever. But before that, let’s recap what makes jumpsuits so unique and comfortable in their way. 

History of Jumpsuits

What started as an accidental dress code for parachutists has turned into a contemporary go-to revolution. That’s the anecdote of the jumpsuit in one line. Known as the “ballgown of the next century”, jumpsuits first appeared in 1919. The reason from the word go behind adopting it gradually was its slimmer cut and unmatchable comfort that even Elvis Presley opted for one of his epic looks on stage. It was finally in 1930 when Women fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli re-wrote the history of jumpsuits by designing them for women, followed by its sporty version by the American designer Vera Maxwell in the mid-1940s. Times when World War II was going on, women started donning jumpsuits for functional purposes. The first-ever official jumpsuit appeared in Vogue in September 1964. Since then, it has become a trend to style as day and evening wear. By the 1980s, jumpsuits became the powerhouse of everyday wear, with different colours and embellishments commanding their look. This made a statement outfit. 

What are Formal Jumpsuits?

When other attires are troublemakers in your last-minute decision-making, jumpsuits can be your buddy in need who goes with the flow for its ethereal yet fierce look and feel. Jumpsuits are a popular one-piece slim dress collection for their unique blend of flowy styles and the way they accentuate all body types. Whereas formal jumpsuits are a little extra when covering the collar bone with formal touch-ups, a matching belt as a style highlighter, and colours like beige, grey, blue-and-white, or striped line designs are the go-to basics. Follow your style while choosing the ‘one’ formal jumpsuit for yourself, but remember these features to understand how to style these jumpsuits better for the office.

How To Wear A Jumpsuit Dress To Work?

  1. Asymmetric Jumpsuit is All You Need: Something bold and classy implies a new era of unapologetic. Asymmetric jumpsuits are rare, but trust us; you feel like yourself once you put them on. Its distinctive feature is that it can be worn for any formal occasion or body type, unlike other jumpsuits.

  2. Striped or Neutral Always Works: This is the golden tip, plus the most searched tip on the internet worldwide. Experiment with striped patterns and monotonous colours like all-navy blue, which can create a capsule wardrobe. Subtle or solid, make sure the tone of the colour justifies the essence of your body type and makes a statement without effort. Solid grip over primary hues always helps make you look bold and stylish. Minimalist jewellery, scarf, or golden-toned accessories always go with such colours.

  3. Less is More: Dress to impress but bored of the same old colours? We got you. This is when small patterns or small accessories, even narrow-sized belts, help to maximise your statement with the bare minimum effort. Like in a polka-dot jumpsuit, their flattering nature is indispensable in my book. Regarding business attire, the preference should be small, delicate, and detailed rather than significant vibrant regalia patterns. It’s all based on preserving the magic while remaining within the boundaries of a posh colour scheme. Similarly, the belts should be skinny and small-sized, which can balance the look between sophistication and casual.

  4. Layer a White Dress Shirt Underneath: Consider adding a touch-up like a white shirt while flaunting your jumpsuits. The secret lies in tucking white dress shirts underneath that always go hand in hand with sleeveless jumpsuits that boost the look and keep you warm in chilly weather. However, such styles could be better to go for during scorching heat, and you know why.

  5. Opt for Full-Length Jumpsuit: The length stretching from the beginning till the end of your jumpsuit defines the overall aura of your style, especially if you're on the shorter side. The legs of the outfit are tapered at the appropriate place yet not touching the floor. Rule out those over-wider or larger jumpsuits than your original size, as it will make you look tacky. Thus, straight-cut jumpsuits are always convenient as they move the legs flexibly. Plus, it might make you look sloppy as you won’t be able to show off your shoes. Here are the three primary lengths that gel up with your body type: 1. If you are petite, Go for narrow-leg jumpsuits to create a height illusion again. 2. If you are short: Go for a cropped-ankle-length cut to have a balanced look. 3. If you are tall: Select wide-leg styles that highlight your legs.

  6. All Eyes on Its Fitting/Size: Simply put, jumpsuits should be tight enough. Well-tailored outfits always create a neat and well-put-together look while putting comfort level at its best. Contrarily, poorly fitted clothing can obscure your figure, negatively impacting your confidence. Moreover, there's a high likelihood of experiencing discomfort when moving around or sitting for extended periods.

  7. Slay in Jackets or Blazers: Whether short-sleeved or sleeveless jumpsuit dresses, jackets or blazers can add to your glamour at work; you can experiment with different jacket or blazer styles. Among these, formal blazers can become an everyday staple for your office wear fashion. Similarly, faux leather jackets or any leather concentrates on your outer layering for a cool, classy look and adds volume to your statement. However, formal blazers are an ideal choice for attending any corporate events or conferences.

One More Tip

Straighten your back and walk like you are on a red carpet with high heels on. The illusion of monochromatic height attracts the focal point of attention boldly. Even sneakers with a bit of height on their backside create a noticeable theory of style. One pro tip for you ladies is to avoid wedges, clogs, or any other type of thick heels at any cost. Make sure you are wearing comfortable heels rather than heels that discomfort you.

Also, if the midsection part of the outfit is tight and compressing, it is natural to feel discomfort after a certain time. Make room for your torso to move. Breathable fabrics and jumpsuits with an elastic waist and blouse top will make you carry out your desk job or any line of work that needs movement in and around the office. 

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