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20 Different Types of Skirts to Try Out Now!

Updated: Mar 19

Skirts are underrated pieces that need no introduction. It is body type-friendly and can gel up with any occasion, from office wear to your travel buddy. In the times when people die for torn jeans or flared-styled outfits, skirts keep you ahead of the crowd. From timeless classics to bold statements, we've curated a list of 20 types of skirts catering to every women fashion and body type. Free your fashionista spirit with our comprehensive guide to the latest and trendiest skirt styles.

  1. A-line Skirt: If you want to upgrade your look, choose an A-line skirt—a classic option because it suits different styles and body types. The skirt is a one-of-a-kind that works quite well on cold days. From the colour and fabric range, you can even use each as an expression of payment for your personality without effort.

  2. Japanese Skirt: Go old-school yet sophisticated contemporary-wise by Japanese style, where tradition and style intertwine as "seifuku no sokkoufuku”, which translates to proper uniform attire. These are not just ordinary skirts; they set their standards. As guided, a knee flirt with this joint testifies the skirt should not be longer than 10 centimetres (about four inches) above it. 

  3. Flared Skirt: Round off your winter with flared skirts designed explicitly to keep you warm yet stylish. However, pair them with loose tops carefully so as not to lose the sense of polish; do not hesitate to compliment your look with heels or sandals.

  4. Wrapped Skirt: Regarding a unique design, experiment with a wrapping skirt that is longer in front than the back and has a short hemline. Ideal for shifting seasons towards the hotter months, these skirts are significant in light materials such as chiffons, adding a touch of daring to your wardrobe.

  5. Pencil Skirt: If you are looking for a classic and conventional style, the pencil skirt is ideal as it narrows down from your knee. They are diversified for everyday use, fabric-wise and colour-wise. They come in all types of fabrics, from cotton plus chiffon to shiny geometric prints; these can be used at the office and for special functions.

  6. Pleated Skirt: Help create an illusion of a narrower waist or achieve a well-curved figure with pleated skirts, suitable for any figure type. Decide between full and half pleats, depending on the event and your choice of dress style.

  7. Balloon Skirt: Choose a dramatic balloon skirt, well suited for colder weather. Perfect for hourglass or pear-shaped figures, complete the look with high heels and boots to achieve a sleek finish.

  8. Denim Skirt: Switch from summer to fall with a denim skirt. Durable and versatile, denim skirts provide a casual feature with a contemporary touch, eliminating the use of traditional apparel such as the skirt.

  9. Maxi Skirt: Wearing a perfect-length maxi skirt that doesn’t touch the ground is too easy and convenient to believe. Appropriate for any event, they are available in different fabrics, colours, and designs or prints that accentuate the tone of your day. Great for making a statement, match them with classic jewellery to give it an eccentric appeal.

  10. Peplum Skirt: Add a bit of flair with a peplum skirt; the fabric overlay accentuates the fullness of your tail. It is ideal for people who appreciate short skirts but wish to keep something personal.

  11. Tulip Skirt: Get to a semi-formal strip by wearing the tulip skirt with an A-line shape and a knee-length hem. These skirts are usually knitted from elastic and thick fabrics for different occasions.

  12. Yoke Skirt: Suitable for active living, the yoke skirt has an A-silhouette sway and a narrow waistline. It is ideal for those who want the informality of a mini skirt but do not reveal legs.

  13. Tiered and Layered Skirts: Try out tiers and layers to get a voluminous effect. Bronzing them correctly from the elevated bottom ends adds more volume but is ideal for shorter legs.

  14. Asymmetrical Skirts: Enjoy asymmetrical skirted silhouettes to nail a contemporary look through having an irresponsible hemline. Suitable for girls desiring a dark yet feminine appearance, these skirts are wearable in many ways and help to achieve unique looks.

  15. Box Pleat Skirts: Make an effortless style statement with box pleat skirts with broad folds or vertical creases extending outward to the waist. Suitable for both informal and formal settings, they have unmatched classic looks.

  16. Circular Skirts: Feel the movement of poetry with round skirts made out of a whole fabric circle, creating a smooth and feminine shape. Outstanding for day and night affairs, these bags perfectly balance vintage elegance and contemporary detailing.

  17. Gathered Skirts: Elements of ease are wrapped up in flow with gathered skirts, which use layers that fold and bunch at the waist. Complementing them with a suitably tailored blouse spread is suitable for office applications, bringing out their chic essence.

  18. Bodycon Skirts: Wear bodycon skirts that fit like a glove and reveal your curves, especially on the hips, waist, and thighs. These skirts will perfectly match confident and glamorous situations; they are a bold accent.

  19. Wrap-Around Skirt (Sarong): One size fits all, and check for beach wear is wrapped around the skirt or sarong, which gives a Bohemian look. Made of light and airy material, they are necessary for a relaxed summertime appearance.

  20. Faux Leather Skirt: The high-waisted faux leather skirt tones up the style quotient of this look; rest assured, it is a fashion element on its own. This skirt generally has a stylish belt and a fun flared edge, combining classy allure and hipness. Opt for a black colour to make it bold. 

Explore the different shapes in skirts and boost your looks with these latest styles. Whether you are into a classic, bohemian or unconventional look, a skirt is out there to cover every occasion and type. Go head-on with your fashion voyage and strut in the perfect skirt that fits your style and body shape well!

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