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15 Ways to Look Catchy in Dubai's Street-Style Wear Without Appearing Over-the-Top

The street style in Dubai inspires women who aim to be trendy and abreast of fashion trends. As we know, Dubai is a bustling tourist destination and captures people from all over the world. Therefore, from midi skorts and faux leather outfits to athleisure, one can expect diverse clothing. You can pull off your favourite outfits if the dressing is treated with lavish sophistication and worn according to the occasion. But today, modest dressing is made wearable by adding accessories and mixing different styles. One of the quintessential ways to dress in Dubai is streetwear to keep you comfortable and on your feet all day. Explore this blog to learn how to keep up with the elegance while styling streetwear in Dubai.

What are the Forever Street Style Trends to Follow in Dubai?

Before delving into the key points, get yourself in sync with these street style trends to embrace in Dubai. Here are the ones that never go out of style.

  • Loose and ‘Airy’ Fabrics: The hot & humid climate demands breathing fabrics, making streetwear acceptable.

  • Turban Hijab: This hijab is a go-to for warm weather and everyday streetwear!

  • Bright Shoes: Green, pink, yellow, or any bright-coloured shoes make it look eternally cool and classy in Dubai streets.

  • Sunglasses: This convenient accessory is a critical necessity in the face of fierce sunlight characteristic to this part.

  • Oversized Trench Coats: Suitable for camouflaging and simultaneously looking stylish, especially during winter.

  • Chunky Platform Shoes: Nowadays, the larger sole means a better style. And the good news is that these types of shoes come in the form of boots, heels, sneakers, and any other kind you can think about!

How to Style Streetwear Outfits in Dubai?

We have scoured and compiled the best ways to style streetwear in Dubai. This combination has some everyday casual wear and formal dresses for women. Mix, match, and style! You can also generate fashion ideas accordingly that will fuel your creativity. 

Experiment with Neutral Tones: Choose a monochromatic colour scheme. Earth tones, whites and pastels have an air of sophistication that blends so naturally with the contemporary look of Dubai.

Flowy Fabrics for Comfort: Go with the flow with the ease of free-flowing fabrics. Maxi dresses, wide-legged pants, and light materials make you feel comfortable in the hot weather while helping you achieve a stylish look.

Modest Silhouettes: Observe cultural norms by selecting modest silhouettes. Combining fashion and modesty through long sleeves, high collars, and floor-length skirts is possible.

Statement Accessories: Let accessories make the statement. Make your outfit more personal by using bold accessories such as a statement handbag, oversized sunglasses or an exciting piece of jewellery.

Culottes and Palazzos: Try culottes and palazzo pants. These wide-legged bottoms are comfortable and give a stylish, casual shape that fits Dubai’s street style.

Tailored Pieces: Invest in well-tailored pieces. Whether a blazer structured dress or tailored trousers, the fit adds sophistication to one’s look without being too flashy.

Culturally Influenced Patterns: Integrate subtle cultural influences. Add traditional embroidery or patterns to your outfit, demonstrating respect for local design.

Layering with Kimonos: Use light kimonos or duster coats on the layer. It brings a sophistication factor and offers the practical advantage of moving from indoor to outdoor spaces. Check out our Maxi-Silk Kimonos outfit here.

Easy-to-Wear Footwear: Choose comfortable and fashionable footwear. Fashion statement sneakers, stylish flats or comfortable block heels will be excellent additions to your outfit, allowing you to walk around the city without any problems.

Effortless Hair and Makeup Look: Your hair and makeup should be natural. Natural and glowing makeup and loose hairstyles accompany the unpretentious spirit of Dubai street style yet do not draw too much attention.

Formal and Classy Outfits Go Hand-in-Hand: Classy outfits always win hearts. These ensembles are ideal for work or a day spent with friends. For this style, opt for formal printed palazzo pants or everyday sweatpants. Match these stylish trousers with a plain button or crop top tucked in for an elegant look. This outfit is not only for formal situations but also for informal ones. For accessories, stick to the basics and opt for nude-coloured accessories.

Partywear Perfect for Even When Not Partying: You can dress how you wish for the parties without being judged. For instance, wear leather shorts with a lovely bristol blouse for a funkier street-style look. Or, if you want a more rebellious look, try some cool-coloured knee-length dresses. It is possible to wear a purple-coloured piece of jewellery with black and gold accents.

Go All-Black: All women, regardless of colour, shape or size, can wear an all-black outfit. It is a perfect option for night parties in Dubai. Details studded black body-con dress together with nude heels to lengthen the legs. In addition, it is also a perfect outfit option for short girls.

For a Traditional Look, Opt for Abayas: This outfit is the national dress of Dubai, so you can easily blend in with everyone wearing it! This timeless elegance lies in seamlessly combining elements for an easy-chic street-style look in the bustling fashion scene of Dubai.

Pair a Beanie To Make Your Outfit Super Street Style: A beanie is a must-have street-style accessory when paired with your outfit. Use neutral or patterned beanies to complement the outfit in harmony with it rather than stand out. Layering with cool jackets or hoodies adds to the urban feel. Use accessories, combine casual and dressy pieces, and experiment with shapes to create an easy-chic look.

Adorning Dubai’s street style is about achieving ‘that’ perfect balance between trendy and modest, accurately reflecting this lively metropolis with a vast range of fashion tastes. Traditional embroidery or patterns as a form of cultural influence embraces respect for local design and makes a fashion remark. Be it flawless hair and makeup or the classic appeal of all-black outfits, women can be themselves while fitting in with Cape Town’s fashion ethics. An ideal outfit that gives a street-style vibe and shows that individual expression is limitless is what the Dubai fashion world preaches.

To get started on what to wear in Dubai, why not upgrade your style with our POSH collection?

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