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Get Ready for Winter : 10 Best Winter Outfits Ideas for Women

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In the recent blog, POSH covered the essential aspects of making a statement. Let's be honest, there is no shortcut to adding life to the perfect winter combination. Under these chilly times, especially during night and early AM, freeze the winter look before it's too late to decide. Styling and merging must be a constant staple to experiment further. Some of the essentials will be yours, from roll necks, classic blazers, to cream-coloured cosy coats and leather trousers to modernise your subtle yet bold winter wardrobe. Not anymore you have to wear the same drab outfit rigorously because you don't have a choice. To stay fashionable during the cold season, explore the winter look pairings below.


Winter Outfit Ideas

Elevate Your Wardrobe with the Perfect Style Fusion

1. Black Leather Top + Leather Trousers

Go in all black, go warm. As black is regarded as the warmest colour that saves you from cold wrapped under a solid polished leather texture will make you feel worth it twice as much. So what are you waiting for? Take out your knee-high boots and get ready to kickstart your winter look, feeling a bit of everything.

2. Oversized Coat + Leather Trousers

Forget about the average predictable winter wardrobe for jeans and jumpers. Take it in a different direction and elevate your style with a classic ensemble. Put on posh shoes and that will give you a great winter stylish look suitable for nightlife.

3. High Neck Blouse + Midi Skort

If we like to give you one piece of fashion advice, then it would be ' always choose the unconventional'. Skorts are out of trend, but those who know they know. It comes in handy for the illusional volume that defines the warmth. Add a chic neck sweater/ blouse (and a coat if it's really cold) and you're good to go.

4. Pastel/Creamy Top/Coat + White Trousers

Seamlessly, ranging from the classical and time-honoured attraction for lapel collar motifs up to present-day elegancies and chicness that emanate from elastic straps that stylish lovers select casually. Get either a pale pastel breezy top or coat in one of the hues of spring and combine it with the whiteness of trousers, giving the impression of the internal feel of autumn while wearing winter clothes.

5. Casual Blazer + Cross-Over Pants

What a nice idea for dressing in winter! Injecting your winter wardrobe with a twist in the form of a casual blazer and cross-over pants that can take you from brunch time to WFH. It is not common, but it is a breath of fresh air for those tired of seeing coats and narrow-fitting pants combinations.

6. Leather Blazer/Top + Checked Skirt

Match your biker’s blazer or a leather top with a plaid skirt for a fashionable and rock-n-roll appearance. The rough feel of leather with the classic design of skirts contributes to the overall style making it a casual staple in the wintertime. It is an up-to-date alternative that can be matched with different outfits and goes hand in hand with stylishness yet brings some street style into it. Check out our Japanese Skirt collection with checked strokes on it; classy and aesthetic to the point.

7. Sweatshirt + Slim-Fit Jogger

Embrace winter's chill with the perfect fusion of comfort and style: the sweaters are complemented by sleek slip-fit joggers. Not only does it keep you warm in the winter, but warm clothing can also be surprisingly stylish enough to say that warmth looks good and feels comfortable. This pairing, whether it’s for city cruising or just kicking back inside, sets the new standard in winter fashion – cosy and hip. ONE PRO TIP: Take your style to the next level by pairing this ultimate piece with a long coat and some fresh shoe kicks for a cool athleisure twist!

8. Oversized Top + Trouser

Add style to your winter mood with a fitting combination of an oversized top and trousers or shorts pair. Go for the generous silhouette that makes you warm while still making an unmistakable style statement at the same time. Visualise yourself engulfed cosily in drapes that intertwine home comfort with fashion-forward style. Style it out this winter when walking through those cold days with boldness and distinctiveness.

9. High Collar Top + Flared Pants

This winter look is achieved by wearing a rich-hued top with a cosy high collar combined with flared pants to create a charming feel. The collar adds more warmth, and the flares make your winter attire classy. Match this with some ankle boots or a smart jacket to update your look for fall/winter.

10. Scarf-and-Coat + Trouser

Bundled up in an irresistible winter outfit, featuring a chic scarf and coat paired with perfectly fitted trousers, radiates a sense of elegance. The luxurious fabrics and expertly layered pieces not only bring comfort but also a touch of refinement, making it the ultimate selection for frosty weather.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your winter-style game on. It's time to update your wardrobe and make this journey memorable with your fashion. If you're looking for a Fall/Winter all-rounder collection of trendy trousers and leather outfits, check out POSH— your one-stop fashion inspiration.

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